Den genfundne bro på elcykel
overnight stay and ebike tours

Gourmet ebike holiday

This mini-holiday takes you to some of Central Jutland's finest delicatessen and farm shops located in rural surroundings. The shops ooze with cosiness, local quality goods and inspiring food and drink. The routes run through the lake highlands with beautiful streams, lakes and forests.



14.00 - 16.00: Arrival Holmely and check-in. It is possible to check in later, write a comment about arrival when you book.

When you arrive at Holmely, you will be shown around the place and assigned your chosen form of accommodation. The beds are made and there are towels ready for you.

16.00 - 18.30: Cycle trip to The Recovered Bridge. After check-in and a cup of coffee with cake, the short afternoon trip to The Recovered Bridge only 12 km from Holmely. The Recovered Bridge was built in 1899 and was part of the old Horsens - Silkeborg railway. Read the story of the bridge here.

19:00: Dinner. This evening you yourself have the opportunity to choose your evening meal. Holmely recommends the restaurant Rummelig and Café Banestien, both located right on the railway trail in the centre of Brædstrup. It is also possible to buy a tasty dish made by Holmely chef Xenia. The dish is for heating over a fire or in the kitchen.



8.00 - 9.00: Breakfast. Holmely's large breakfast buffet with cheese from Them cheese, meat, eggs, jam , skyr, muesli, bread, juice, coffee and tea. 

10.00:  Start the Gourmet tour of approx. 55 km. Before departure, the bike bags are packed with snacks and water for the trip. The route will be explained to you with a detailed route description.

On the Gourmet tour, you first drive out to Skovgård where a very delicious tapas is served with, among other things, meat from the farm's own animals. Joan will tell you a little about Skovgård. The shop itself is full of quality raw materials and meat from its own animals, both beef, veal and pork. No additives or growth promoters are used here and the animals are guaranteed a good life, visit f.ex. the pigs that go rooting about in the ground out in the fields. 

After a visit to the meat producers, cheese must now be tasted. The old cooperative dairy Them cheese is a short bike ride away. Here you can find all kinds of cheeses and fresh milk from the farms in the catchment area. If time allows, also visit Gothenborg with their prize winning poultry. When your bellies are full and perhaps the bicycle bags too with delicacies, it is time to return home. Here you cycle along the old railway path that runs between Silkeborg and Horsens. Option to stop for coffee at Restaurant Vrads st.

19.00: Return home and dinner at Holmely. The menu is obtained from local restaurants and a glass of wine is served with dinner. Purchase of beverages such as wine, local beers and ciders, local gins and Italian organic sodas and soft drinks.



8.00 - 9.00:  Breakfast. Holmely's large breakfast buffet.

11.00: Check out

Or start the trip to Klostermølle and Sukkertoppen.

------ Options -------

10.00: Start at Klostermølle & The Sugar Peak trip. Read more here

16.00: Arrival back at Holmely

19.00: After a lovely day on the bike you end up back at Holmely. The menu can be obtained from local restauratants.

Included in the price

  • Electric bicycle model WINTHER SUPERBE 1 (if selected)
  • Bike bags
  • Map with route description
  • Lunch Friday 
  • Snacks are packed in the bike bags
  • Dinner on Friday - drinks available for purchase
  • 2 x overnight stay at Holmely
  • Towels and delicious sustainable bath products
  • Breakfast buffet Friday and Saturday

Not included in the price

  • Thursday; dinner and drinks - here you eat at the restaurant in Brædstrup and can therefore choose from the menu yourself.
  • Friday; drinks for dinner. At Holmely there will be a selection of local beer and cider, wine, gin, rum and organic sodas for sale.
  • Cycle helmet (can be borrowed)

Good advice for packing list

  • Cycle shorts. A pair of regular pants will not protect against the wear and tear that will occur against the saddle. The double pads in the cycling pants allow you to slide from side to side on the saddle without hurting your skin, giving you a much more relaxed position on the bike without getting sore.
  • Rain. In case of rain, it is a good idea to pack a raincoat. You can get special rain covers to cycle in which can cover hands and arms when they are holding the handlebars.
  • Cycle helmet. It is not a requirement from our side, but it is always a good idea to wear a bicycle helmet, especially when cycling on roads with motor traffic.

Support along the way

Our bikes are maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions and we always have an extra bike in reserve if necessary.

If there are any questions along the way, we are on the phone. We would rather you call once too much than once too little.

Call on phone: 51 94 67 09

Elcykeltur ved Gudenåen

It was so good!

Gourmet cycle route: We thoroughly enjoyed the stay; Heidi created the perfect setting and is dedicated, present and a fantastic host.
Lise / Sønderborg

Can definitely be recommended

Just been on a cycling holiday. (Gourmet route) Heidi is a fantastic host and the bike rides are through beautiful countryside.

Marianne og Jørgen / Tønder
Holmely tapas
Gourmet electric bike tour

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A visit to Skovgaard is an experience

Here you will find quality meat from Skovgård's own animals, both beef, veal and pork, with full assurance that no additives or growth promoters have been used and with a guarantee of good animal welfare. Everything is under strict control and approved by the Norwegian Food Agency.

The shop is comfortably furnished, like an old-fashioned grocery store. Here you can shop and have an experience out of the ordinary. In addition to quality meat, we sell specialties such as ice desserts, freshly ground coffee, tea, a large selection of oils, balsamic vinegar, salts, spices, pesto, cheeses, jam, chocolate, arts and crafts and much more. We have our own wine cellar, with an exquisite selection of wine, beer and some spirits.

It is optional if you want to go look at the free-range pigs running around the field.

Them Andelsmejeri - good milk and good craftsmanship

At Them Andelsmejeri, we emphasize old-fashioned care and milk from cows that thrive. We collect fresh milk of the very best quality every day in our own tankers from our own farms. 13 farmers own the dairy, and all the farms are located in the beautiful area around Them.

Good milk and good craftsmanship are needed to make good cheese. Them Andelsmejeri has stubbornly stuck to this since 1888.

In the shop you will find a large selection of special cheeses, fresh milk and butter.


If you have any questions

Call 51 94 67 09
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