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Pre-packaged tours on ebike

Holmely Electric bike tours give you a safe base from which you can explore large parts of central Jutland with the help of an electric bike.
The tours are organized and all the practical things are arranged for you. You simply check in at Holmely with your practical cycling clothes and whatever else you want to pack for a mini-holiday.

A new form of holiday where everyone can join in.

Gourmet and delicacy

This mini-holiday takes you to some of central Jutland's finest delicatessen and farm shops located in rural surroundings</ strong>. The shops exude Danish 'hygge', local quality goods and inspiring food and drink.
The routes run through the lake highlands with its beautiful lakes and forests. On the route it is possible to swim in one of the many forest lakes.

On the way there is lunch at Skovgaard where homemade products from free-range cattle and pigs are served.

After a lovely day on the bike, you end up back at Holmely. Here you can enjoy the evening with a splendid dinner brought to Holmely from the local restaurant, followed by 'hygge'.

Relax in our quirky decorated rooms with good beds and soft bedding. In the house there is access to bathroom, kitchen, living room, conservatory and courtyard with pond and goldfish.

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New! Horsens Fjord

This cycle tour takes you around Horsens Fjord. Here you will experience the fjord from the mainland with beautiful castles and Morten Koch nature.
You will also experience island life on the fine islands of Hjarnø and Alrø, as well as the cultural life in Horsen's and Denmark's best steak sandwich.

Bryrup banestien and The Recovered Bridge

From Holmely to Horsenswe follow the old railway track. On the trip you will cross The Recovered Bridge and continue across Vestbirk lake and through beautiful nature to Horsens.

Horsens offers art and culture

In Horsens it is possible to visit Horsens Museum with exhibitions on Vitus Bering. Horsens Art Museum is beautifully located in the park with a view over the fjord. At the art museum, you will have lunch where you can sink your teeth into Denmark's best steak sandwich.

Horsens Fjord south

On the south side of the fjord is Boller Castle with the beautiful park which, among other things, offers a 1000-year-old oak and a fuchsia park.
Borre Knob is a protected peninsula that juts out into the fjord. From here you can see the islands of Alrø and Hjarnø.
Syd fjords also offers old Danish agricultural history at the Ferguson museum and Glud Frilandsmuseum.

The Islands

Gear down on the islands of Hjarnø and Alrø. On these 2 islands in the fjord, life is in full swing. Enjoy the light, the sea and beautiful countryside.

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Holmelys electric bike tours


From DKK 1800 per person

If you have questions about our tours, you are always welcome to call 51 94 67 09 or write an email to< /p>

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Expand your cycling experience with an extra day trip

Elcykel på bro over en å

Klostermølle & Sukkertoppen

This trip is an addition to our previously arranged mini-holiday. The trip is somewhat shorter than the previous one and gives room for a little more freedom. The first stop on the tour is Klostermølle, a more than 100-year-old paper mill located on the remains of an old Benedictine monastery. Here there are old listed buildings, a small exhibition and a lookout tower with views over Jutland's second largest lake, Mossø with a depth of 22 meters.

A small trek takes you along the Gudenå to the bottom of the Sukkertoppen, the hike up is steep and may be slippery, but it is not long. The view, on the other hand, is overwhelming.

After beautiful natural and historical experiences, ride a short distance to Det lille Røgeri, where lunch is served.

It is possible to purchase the tour additionally when booking the Gourmet route.

Price for extra trip with meals and accommodation: DKK 1485

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more about our bikes

Winther Superbe 1 is an electric bike with a focus on simplicity. The Superbe 1 is packed with comfort features such as an upright riding position and good balance. Combined with a high level of equipment, the Superbe 1 is light, manageable and perfect for everyday use.

Our Winter Superbe 1 is equipped with a 374 WH/10.4 AH battery which runs up to 80 km. on a charge.

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Winther Superb

Rear brake

Foot brake

Front brake

Hydraulic disc brake


7 internal Shimano Nexus

experience nature up close

The electric bike gives you access to nature in a very special way. As long as the pace is moderate, you can quickly stop and admire the beautiful landscape.

Winther elcykel på tur

The routes

The routes are arranged so that cycling is mainly done on paved cycle paths. It gives peace and safety when you now also have to observe the beautiful countryside you are riding in.

The cycle routes have their own history which can be exciting to delve into. You will, among other things, be riding out on a small section of Hærvejen and of the old railway between Horsens and Silkeborg.

On all the routes there are stops at various places that suit the type of route. If there is an entrance fee to attractions, activities or the like, this is included in the tour price.

A good night's sleep is important

Holmely offers

Unique accommodation

Your e-bike holiday comes with a room in the main house as standard. If you want another form of accommodation, contact Heidi for availability.
Read more about the different accommodation options

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Holmely Bed and Breakfast Boheme værelset

Bohemian room

Enjoy the many beautiful and quirky details in recycled materials and furniture. The room has a large double bed, 2 chairs and a table. View to the northwest.

Forest room

The room exudes an atmosphere of living in a cosy cave in the forest, here you can lie on a bed of 2 single beds put together. The room has a beautiful view of the field.

The Art Deco room

You are allowed to feel a little bit Gatsby, at least in this room. Gold, brass and geometry are the names for the small fine Art Deco room. The room has a three-quarter bed and has a view of the field.

Other unique accommodation options

It is possible to upgrade your accommodation to the small cosy annex with its own kitchenette, toilet and bath.

Or how about sleeping in a large canvas tent with lovely mattresses and fresh bedding.

6 good reasons to go on an electric bike holiday

  1. Good for warding off dementia and strengthening mental health. Cycling is a kind of moderate exercise that has a positive effect on the mental health of the exercisers. A study published in the British Medical Journal of Sports Medicine shows, for example, that moderate exercise several times a week can ward off dementia and increase mental health, and on top of that comes everything we already know about the many physical and health benefits of regular exercise.
  2. You get closer to nature. On an electric bike, the decision to stop and take a closer look at the surroundings you are moving in is easy to make.
  3. Conversation in progress. At a moderate pace, you can easily keep a conversation going. What's better than being two or more to share the experiences you encounter along the way on the electric bike.
  4. You get around further without using all your strength. The electric bike can easily take you on a long trip. If you help along the way, the electric bike's battery can take you on a trip of up to 80 km.
  5. Your CO2 footprint is low. An electric bike mini-holiday at Holmely takes you out for a minimum of 100 km. bike ride all in all. A similar trip in the car would consume 16 kilos of Co2, for 16 kilos of Co2 you would be able to fly for 8 minutes.
  6. You use all your senses. When you cycle in nature, you activate all your senses. Your eyes get time and peace to look far and focus on parts you know. The sense of hearing is sharpened as it is the sounds of nature that surround you. Smells emerge from the shadows of the forest and warm fields. Along the way, you must taste the gifts of nature and you must feel the sun on your skin and maybe a little water on your cheek.
Heidi med elcykel

It was so good!

Gourmet cycle route: We thoroughly enjoyed the stay; Heidi created the perfect setting and is dedicated, present and a fantastic host.
Lise / Sønderborg

Can definitely be recommended

Just been on a cycling holiday. (Gourmet route) Heidi is a fantastic host and the bike rides are through beautiful countryside.

Marianne og Jørgen / Tønder