Beer tasting and gourmet bonfire food

Beer tasting and gourmet campfire with beer as the theme

Together with the local brewery - Olsen's brewery - and our local chef Xenia, we have put together a fantastic evening with beer as the focal point and we have called the evening Bajer & Bålmad.

An evening in the spirit of beer - with beer tasting and a menu based on beer

The evening offers beer tasting with brewmaster Jan from Olsen's brewery. While tasting 6 of the brewery's best beers, the exquisite dinner is prepared over the fire. Dinner is prepared by our local gourmet chef Xenia, who this evening has put together a menu with beer as the focal point. The evening's host offers a quirky welcome drink based on beer.
Beer beer beer there are plenty of beers, but don't worry if you're not into beer but would like to experience the food, the atmosphere, the place and the company, the beer tasting can be replaced with a taste of the 3 ciders the brewery makes and a local gin.

The evening takes place outside or in the rustic barn. The fire burns in the evening so there is plenty of opportunity for long conversations.


Whisky smagning

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Dates for 2024:
May 17
June 21
August 23
September 20

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Crisp bread baked with mash from beer production

Foccia bread and charcoal butter 

Croket with pork

Grilled greens

Main course:

Short ribs with beer barbecue

Green accessories of the season

Dessert of the season 

The menu is also suitable for vegetarians

The practicality


Meet the brewmaster Jan Olsen
Jan Støjberg Olsen started Olsen's brewery in Brædstrup's Gamle mejeri in 2021. Jan's passion for beer started at home with his own home brewery and his inspiration comes from Belgian and American beer.
Olsen's brewery today offers, among other things: Blonde, NZPA, Belgian Double, Red IPA, Stout, Triple, Double Bock (oak and rum), Lager and Imperial Madeira. Three ciders are made there; a blackcurrant, a passion fruit and a rhubarb.
Jan continues to work with flavors and new compositions, so that the range is always being developed and renewed.

Meet the chef Xenia
Xenia Kjær Brun's experience with food goes back many years. Today, she partly works at Timm Vladimir's kitchen as a teacher and inspector. Alongside this, her passion for food and burning desire to create experiences and provide a good service have led her to reach out to Holmely for a collaboration. At Holmely, she is, among other things, to make delicious seasonal menus for the events we hold and then Xenia also makes bread, dipping for tapas, cooked dishes and much more for the great enjoyment of the guests at Holmely.

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